With healthcare spiraling out of control and the actual outcome of the recently passed public health care law in American, doesn’t it make sense for each person to take care of their bodies through good nutrition, regular exercise and steering clear of harmful toxins?

A recent study from Johns Hopkins University presented data from two nationwide surveys, which included roughly 24,000 participants. During a 24-hour period, only 11% reported consuming the recommended two or more fruits and three or more vegetables. If you want to optimize your health, five or more servings a day of vegetables and fruit would support your nutritional needs.

Following are erroneous beliefs about why we don’t eat enough of these important foods in our daily diet and why we should eat more fruits and vegetables.

Erroneous Belief #1: Eating fruits and vegetables is not convenient.
Eating healthy fruits and vegetables are just as convenient as picking up a cookie or a potato chip. What often happens is, we don’t have fruits and vegetables around and ready to pick up and eat, so we go for the easy, unhealthy alternative.

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