MACDL: Michigan Association of Commercial Dental Laboratories

Our Mission

The MACDL's Mission

As a member of the Life-Science Community, the MACDL strives to be the driving force in the dental laboratory industry through education, vision, and integrity.

The MACDL is an organization providing a forum for excellence in the science and art of dental technology. Specific purposes are to support and advance standards of integrity and leadership in the dental laboratory profession, to provide educational opportunities, to encourage and support research in all phases of dentistry, and to encourage every technician to become a master in his or her art.

Our vision is to become leaders in the dental laboratory profession, through excellence, education, integrity, ethics and with the highest standards to benefit our Doctor's patient's health and function.

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Upcoming Events

The MACDL invites you to view its ongoing calendar of events and meetings. Stay connected with other dental labs accross the state, network with technicians, and keep current with the latest materials and technology.

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