MACDL: Michigan Association of Commercial Dental Laboratories

Giving Back

Since the tragedy on 9/11, the MACDL has selected two programs to keep our members informed and support.

The first is a program called the “Donated Dental Services” program that is sponsored by the Michigan Dental Association and the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped. The second program is the “Give Back a Smile” program, which is a program against domestic violence sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the AACD Charitable Foundation in cooperation with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Both of these programs are very selective and help those individuals who need help with their dental problems. Many charitable foundations have suffered as a result of the 9/11 event and still need our support to continue their efforts. These are specific areas where laboratories can contribute within their own field, within their own state. United we stand. You are encouraged to participate.

Donated Dental Services Program

Donated Dental Services Program

Since it began in 1995, the DDS program has provided $2,683,732 worth of donated services to 1,616 disabled and elderly individuals throughout Michigan who had seriously neglected dental problems. Because of their disabilities or ages, these people could not afford this treatment and were not eligible for public assistance. A volunteer cadre of 623 dentists and 143 laboratories throughout the state generously donate these services.

This years goal is to provide $660,000 worth of treatment for 400 disabled, aged, and medically compromised individuals across the state. A second goal is to generate $50,000 worth of donated lab work. By the end of the third quarter, labs donated $34,661 worth of fabrications—slightly below goal pace, but we still expect to meet the goal by the end of the fiscal year.

For more information on how you and your laboratory can help in this program, they can be reached at:

34505 West Twelve Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3257
248.489.2204 or 800.850.5913 in the Detroit area
517.817.2372 or 866.263.4067 outside the Detroit area

“Give Back a Smile” Program

Give Back a Smile

To combat against domestic violence, the AACD has created this program. Many victims of domestic violence receive facial injuries, including dental related injuries, and are not financially able to have these injuries restored to normalcy. The GBAS Program provides consultation and treatment to those in financial need to restore the smiles of individuals who have sustained dental injury due to a violent domestic attack. The AACD has long been aware of the powerful impact a smile can have on an individual. Therefore, when a smile is lost due to unfortunate circumstances, it can have not only a devastating physical effect but also a debilitating emotional consequence.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals are too embarrassed to participate in normal social and professional interactions. The GBAS Program allows survivors of domestic violence the opportunity to have their front teeth or “smile” restored while giving them the confidence to re-enter society. The AACD hopes the GBAS Program will help to restore the lives of the program’s participants and assist them in getting their lives back on track.

The AACD, through its charitable foundation, has developed a partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), which provides a national network to more than 2,000 domestic violence member programs, serving battered women, men and children in the United States.

For more information on how you and your laboratory can help in this program, they can be reached at: 800-773-GBAS (4227) or at

Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy

Since 1994, Mission of Mercy has been providing free dental care (as well as health care and prescription medication) to the uninsured and under-insured.

The MACDL is proud to participate in this amazing program.

Learn more about Mission of Mercy from the Michan Dental Association, including upcoming events.